Texel 2018
News  Last Updated: 04/06/2018 13:07

There has been much opinion 'aired' on social media with regards 'Texel' with individual drivers commenting and therefore creating mis directed criticism towards individuals in the UK which has no benefit other than to further harden attitudes and create prejudice and divide. Sadly there are no winners, only losers!

For clarity BriSCA has a long established relationship with BriSCA NL whose senior partners are Emmen and Venray and over many years it has worked succesfully, those tracks comply to ORCi standards and rules and insurance.

Protocols have been established over many years and reciprocation agreements for drivers visiting either way so there is a fair deal.

Texel with whom we have no personal prejudice with, is not currently sanctioned by BriSCA / BriSCA NL however we have turned a blind eye in years gone by when 2/3 drivers went over, that was in hindsight an error and should have been resolved then.

In recent years, despite advance notice of the UK fixture list, Texel has clashed 3 times with UK established Championship events and for 2 years BriSCA & BSCDA have without success 'tried' to engineer a solution. In the UK we have no issue with working with BriSCA NL however our established partners equally are frustrated. We get and respect that fans and drivers 'enjoy' the informality and fun aspect of Dutch weekends and culture which we do not wish to impinge BUT we have protocols for which we request some co-operation. Whilst sounding like officialdom, they provide stability.

The situation repeated for 2018 and the BMB compromised that we would co-operate in agreeing 10 drivers to attend and sought agreement as an interim from our colleagues at Texel to assist in dialogue to resolve this for the future. We really had no response to this, contrary a lack of co-operation to date.

All drivers are also WELL AWARE of the booking in system at home and abroad, UK DRIVERS MUST BOOK IN via Sophie. We understand 10 drivers DID book in accordingly, 2 sadly did not and with the quota full, they are not allowed now to attend.

We acknowledge this may seem 'harsh' but please understand any sport to exist, has to have protocols, agreements and dialogue. Whilst we also acknowledge a 'simplistic' view that they are our own cars, we can race where we want. it is not reality, there has to be a structure otherwise there will be 'anarchy' and a meltdown.

For clarity, BriSCA /BSCDA have for over 2 years, worked hard for a co-operative solution to this to, no avail, despite that we have engaged and agreed 10 may attend and a positive attitude 'let us get around the table' with little or no response.

A meeting with our Dutch colleagues will take place in September to encourage an even closer relationship with Holland and how we cater for other venues in NL not currently within the set up and modify for he future.

We are committed to a resolution for 2019 and beyond.

We have individual drivers 'attacking' BriSCA and the BSCDA in an extremely damaging and sometimes personal manner which really is sad particularly as much of the rhetoric is either personal agenda or mis informed. Creating 'division' between UK and NL, innuendo and inaccuracies in the public domain only serves to politicise matters and damage UK BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing. All are committed to the sport prospering both sides of the water, first however there must be a respect and dialogue, not one sided - unsanctioned; aiming to impose it's own wishes. However, all are committed, without prejudice, to seeking practical solutions in coming years that benefit the sport collectively. There however has to be a line drawn in the sand.

BriSCA Management Board