BMB Statement
News  Last Updated: 06/03/2018 19:54

Since the BSCDA AGM took place in November 2017 the BMB have been working on finding the correct route to take to police the 7,500rpm rev limit that was voted by the drivers. The BMB have enlisted the help of Murray Harrison and Ian Bennett as consultants to assist with this task. 

It is very simple to introduce a rule however the issues arise when the BMB have to construct a policing policy, this is paramount. If the BMB cannot enforce this rule it is not an avenue the BMB can take as it becomes an impossible task which then creates friction for everyone involved.

Over the past few months a new MSD box – MSD 6CT (#6427) has been introduced on the market. This is a sealed unit and if the seal is broken the unit is scrap. The BMB have waited for this unit to become available so further testing could take place. Consultant Ian Bennett has spent many hours looking into this particular box and after a lengthy meeting the BMB have decided that this unit is, without question, the path BriSCA F1 drivers must take as it is 99% foolproof. This unit will be fitted to cars for a minimum of 3 years. The current price of this unit is £416 (incl VAT).

Many other options have been considered however after extensive research and discussion at present all other systems are flawed with loopholes and cheat options.

As the work behind the scenes has taken longer than anyone may have wanted, the BMB completely understand that to ask every driver to purchase this unit for their first meeting of the season, at such short notice, is highly unfair. Therefore the BMB have made the decision to ask the drivers if they would like to defer this until the 1st January 2019 or introduce this unit to all cars by the 1st June 2018. 

Every licensed driver throughout 2017 and any new drivers for 2018 will be contacted via text on Tuesday 7th March. We request that you reply with your preferred choice. If you do not reply the BMB will assume you are happy for this unit to be introduced to all cars by the 1st June 2018. The deadline for all text replies is 6pm Thursday 8th March.