BriSCA F1 The Future
News  Last Updated: 28/09/2017 15:09

2017 has seen a considerable amount of change within BriSCA Formula 1 which was always inevitable in particular with track closures and other issues that arise during the normal course of a season. 2017 has in some ways created a 'perfect storm' after quite a buoyant and lengthy period of stability. We now need to get a grip TOGETHER to ensure we become stronger and healthier in 2018.

We also need to 'move' the agenda particularly social media wise into positive territory and as far as 2018 and onwards are concerned, we are all only interested in moving the sport forwards. That should start now, wipe the slate clean.

After a difficult few weeks, Deane Wood and myself have jointly agreed to participate in a forum with 3 nominated 'fans' - the medium as has yet to be determined, perhaps one of the 'online' podcast broadcasts may well be an option. We may also include and invite the BSCDA Chairman who can answer driver related questions. Let's get things in the open in a positive manner.

We are prepared for a 60 -90 minute maximum 'open and constructive debate' to answer as honestly as possible many of the questions fans and drivers may or always wanted to ask and, where possible every effort will be made for honest answers and more importantly share 'ideas' openly which may well have merit to incorporate in a master plan, or indeed answer why an individual idea may well be impractical.

This currently is an 'embryonic' idea which needs more meat on the bone, I would be suggesting Stoxnet may nominate 3 sensible people to represent fans and collate from others questions and more importantly suggestions.
The timing of this would possible be end of October to undertake it properly and Deane is also out of the country for a period next month, but it doesn't want rushing.

We are honest in our intent because we all recognise the future of BriSCA F1 is important and more than ever we need drivers,promoters and fans equally and to be engaged and to assist in ideas into 'Project 2018' putting the 'smile' back into BriSCA F1. Social media has hurt the sport this year in many ways, some understandable disappointment, some frustration, and much passion but far too much unfounded negative rhetoric. 
We will not be able to agree on anything however we want to end 2017 on a positive note with a 'fresh' view on 2018 and beyond. The draft 2017 fixtures have been announced, as is usual, the final and confirmed list comes in December and with ideas already taken on board, some of these may well reflect in the final version in terms of ideas.

We have all suffered a drip,drip of depression which has engulfed us this year and overshadowed actually the core values which remain strong. This is a genuine initiative for us all to embrace and draw a line and move on - and dispel the many rumours circulating.

Let's see where this runs,

Over to you

Steve Rees BriSCA Chairman, Deane Wood, Anthony Flanagan BSCDA Chairman