BriSCA and BMB Statement
News  Last Updated: 07/03/2017 13:23

BriSCA, BSCDA and BMB met on Monday 6th March.

After a lengthy several hour meeting the BMB have resolved some of the difficulties that have arisen following the disappointing recent outcome on the future of Coventry Stadium.

First and foremost in these discussions was that BriSCA and the BSCDA acknowledged the concerns of our valued fans and drivers/race teams and, of prime consideration was the protection of Formula One Stock Car Racing, ensuring it’s stability and future growth. We have to evolve a critical path moving forward in future years. All fully understand and acknowledge the uncertainties and disappointment this has created. The meeting focused on ‘where do we go’ as dwelling on how did we get to where we are, whilst we can and have learnt, does not resolve the future. The whole situation at Coventry, whilst frustrating in terms of communication, remains complex and delicate and may at some point have legal ramifications between parties involved which BriSCA and BSCDA can neither influence nor become embroiled in.

We appreciate the patience of all parties, BriSCA and the BSCDA have tried throughout the Winter to offer as much support as they could to the Coventry team to try and engineer a solution, we would certainly have been criticized similarly had we taken decisive action in December in terms of reallocating fixtures etc and then possibly Brandon became a reality in the Spring / Early summer.

All should also understand that whilst we have lost stadiums in the past including iconic ones the situation at Brandon has been somewhat ‘unique’ in its process and the difficulties.

The Coventry promotion, we are encouraged to acknowledge, remain 100% committed to finding a new and replacement venue. The timescale at this point is unknown and we believe that for the future, plans should only be revealed once there is some certainty to progression.

Against that backdrop of ‘where we are’ BriSCA and the BSCDA along with the full co-operation of the Coventry promotion, have to manage for 2017 an unprecedented situation along with planning and consultation for 2018. To this end it is impossible to satisfy every ones ‘ideal’ vision of what that may be, in part due to the complexity of 5 months work in concluding National fixture lists and Championships. It is not quite so simple as relocating Coventry’s events to other venues the first weekend of the month which may appear vacant, other formulae, championships and for example speedway are now committed.

In a co-operative spirit between all parties the BMB can announce the transfer of some of the planned Coventry fixtures, to be hosted in co-operation with venues concerned. Every effort has been made to try and remain on ‘shale’ to maintain a balance where possible and of course, availability.

The following amendments to the 2017 calendar are proposed as follows subject to final confirmation.

Sunday 4th June – Sheffield BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP
Sunday 6th August – SHEFFIELD
Saturday 2nd September – KINGS’ LYNN
Sunday 8th October – BELLE VUE
Saturday 4th November - STOKE

The Coventry promotion have been allowed some additional time over the next several days to see if any further dates may be accommodated.

To prevent a recurrence of this unusual situation in the future, mechanisms with BMB are now in place with protocols to ensure ‘deadlines’ with regards fixture planning. In this process, BriSCA and BSCDA discussed at length initiatives for restoring medium to long term confidence in the sport which will develop as the year unfolds looking forward to the 2018 season ongoing.

Plans for the 2017 BriSCA Formula One World Championship Final at Ipswich have also been confirmed as follows.

1. This is a one day event at Ipswich on Saturday 16th September at Breaking with tradition, there is no pre event Friday evening in 2017
2. Following exhaustive negation between Spedeworth and Suffolk County Council, the start time is
3. During the afternoon, final timings to be announced ‘ practice’ will take place and Overseas Time trials prior to the start.
4. This event will be a 7 race programme and, exclusively BriSCA F1 with an aim of attracting 90 BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
5. Final format for the event will be announced closer to the event.
6. Advance tickets are already on sale via the Spedeworth office/website

We are ‘truly’ in this together, however unfortunate those circumstances may be and there cannot at this juncture be ‘overnight’ solutions whilst many variables are examined and defined to resolve that important step forward.

Issued: BriSCA / BSCDA / BMB Tuesday 7th March 2017