BriSCA Statement
News  Last Updated: 08/03/2017 16:22

Many people will have now read the Press release from the BriSCA F1 Management Board with regards Coventry Stadium and the re allocation of BriSCA F1 dates.

In terms of communication, we have endeavoured to keep F2 fans and drivers updated as appropriately as we have been able to given limited information and a very complex situation. The conclusion as to the future of Coventry was only determined as advised in a previous release in the last 14 days,

Obviously, the situation is extremely disappointing in losing such a pivotal venue with so much Heritage and location and, of course, it has a consequential effect on BriSCA F2 and other formulae with Startrax events and the 2017 World Final promoted by Autospeed together with the National Series Finale.

BriSCA F2 have had to await the progress of plans as to where and when some of the Coventry F1 fixtures were to be relocated which was announced yesterday [ Tuesday ]  to commence further planning.  Autospeed will announce themselves their own plans for the 2017 World Final which I am quite confident will not be 'dented' by a change of venue and successful in being promoted with the anticipated 'love and care' typically invested by Autospeed.

BriSCA F2 and Startrax along with other promotions will commence work on how best to accommodate the remaining BriSCA F2 fixtures in the best interest of the sport. Startrax will endeavour to accommodate what they can and there other 'possible' movements.

It is proposed to aim to conclude these fixture amendments for announcement by w/c 20th March so we can confirm and finalise these fixtures.

We are heartened that the Coventry management remain 100% committed to sourcing and building a replacement venue and are actively pursuing several sites at the moment with the hope of positive news for 2018/19 and they have the fullest support from BriSCA.

Whilst a disappointment, particularly with early indications of many new green shoots and drivers for 2017 and many we are welcoming back, we are resolute in ameliorating the position to provide drivers with alternatives and minimise the effect on valued drivers and fans.

We unreservedly apologise for the disappointment and disruption this development may have caused, particularly with regard those already having made plans for the World Final however, the circumstances have been complex and well beyond the control of BriSCA F2 and the challenge now is limiting the effect.

Despite the disruption, early indications are of a great season ahead once we settle these changes down and properly advise everyone in due course and we thank you all for your patience and support.

Steve Rees