Coventry Stadium Update 27th February 2017
News  Last Updated: 27/02/2017 15:27

Statement from BriSCA / BSCDA - Monday 27th February

As you will all be aware, the Coventry Management have endured well documented serious issues throughout the Winter period which have been both delicate and protracted. 

BriSCA & BSCDA clearly understand the desire of fans and drivers for up dates on the situation however given the involvement of third parties such as Rugby Council and the confidentiality of ongoing discussion we have continued to support the Coventry management whilst, at the same time, forming alternative plans should Coventry not materialise for 2017 in June as previously suggested. BriSCA are due to meet early next week to hopefully discuss and confirm alternate plans now we have come to the end of a long road for the Coventry team of trying to keep Brandon alive. Following that a revised fixture list for 2017 offering clarity will be issued.

Late last week BriSCA was informed that the return of racing to Brandon was now 'extremely' unlikely in 2017 and the management are continuing pursuing alternative options for a new site and relocation of their dates. As is now in the public domain further news developed yesterday with regard the future of Coventry Bees which in itself had to be a consideration in any release of information.

We do genuinely appreciate the patience of our fans and drivers and truly understand the frustrations of what may appear to have been a lack of any real updates however behind the scenes we have at all times tried to support initiatives to resolve the Coventry issues without prematurely precipitating 'deadlines' until every avenue had been exhausted.

The loss of Coventry, as indeed any iconic stadium, is a major disappointment to our sport. Mr Sandhu remains committed to a replacement site which hopefully will make progress in coming months. However, we have lost major venues in the past and the sport must 'continue' adapt and pull together it's strengths, one being the strong relationship and commitment of BriSCA and BSCDA to continue it's stability and growth,

The prevailing circumstances at Coventry and the way in which the venue exited the sport is sad but beyond control. There no doubt will be a time and place for statements and points of view as facts are made available by the Coventry management in the due course. This is respectfully not a time to speculate or demonise individuals or bodies. In the interim, we are a fantastic sport, in the short term we need to 'pull together' as we still have a great season in prospect. 

Further information will be released on 7th March.