Scotland Weekend Thanks
News  Last Updated: 29/06/2016 20:17

A message from Steve Rees.

Thank You

On behalf of Jackie and myself we would just like to thank ALL drivers, race teams and fans for a fantastic weekend in Scotland - in particular the 'warm' welcome we always receive from our friends North of the Border. We must also thank the Brewsters, Dave and Keith and all the GMP staff who were a pleasure to work with Saturday and Willie, Charlie and all the HRP team who were again most welcoming at the constantly improving Lochgelly Raceway. This all contributed to a relaxed and enjoyable weekend in which it was a pleasure and privilege to be part of. Special mention to Guy and Sophie for their help both days.

I could go on for pages thanking everyone involved!

Saturday night returned the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end, particularly the Scottish! Both Paul Ford and Rob Speak spent the night in hospital for observation what was more pleasing was both were back with us at Lochgelly yesterday to enjoy the afternoon from the safe side. The Final was brutal however shows great credit to the construction of the cars.

The investment in the music rig added in my opinion to creating an atmosphere.

Every single driver in my eyes was a 'star' and it hit me travelling South, passing around 20 transporters on the M6 the enormous dedication of our race teams and the distances travelled. [ Not withstanding you begin to realise Gordon Moodie and others commitment regularly doing that journey weekly! ]

Personally, I feel very proud of BriSCA Formula One - Our Scottish fans 'deserve' the F1's 'at home' as they are important to us.

I must make a 'special' mention of the shale drivers and thankfully the rain levelled it for them occasionally, a young man new to the sport [ Jon Horne 19 ] impressed me with his enthusiasm. My own teeth shook when he hit - and destroyed - the pit gate! He among others returned Sunday, there was a lot of re engineering going on. 35 cars raced Saturday - I think 32 Sunday losing Paul,Rob and Nigel [ due to engine problems ]

Despite the atrocious weather at times, despite the Royal Highland Show, despite football, despite Superbikes at Knockhill both venues enjoyed crowds similar to 2014 levels and a great atmosphere. I would like to capture and package the Cowdie atmosphere Saturday and sell it!

A pleasurable weekend and great to be part of the BriSCA F1 'family - again our sincerest thanks to all involved in participating whichever side of the fence, we have a great sport, great product, great people and drivers with balls of steel! It becomes even more noticeable when we go 'on tour' to share it with others.

Whilst the above is accented on F1, let us not forget the visiting support in terms of the StoxKarts who always add a party atmosphere feel wherever they go and the National Ministox teams, again in good numbers who genuinely did enthral the Scottish crowd.