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The Elite of short circuit oval contact racing, since 1954 - The World’s toughest full contact Action Motorsport. BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing = 600 brakehorsepower BIG CARS! SMALL TRACKS, to sum up its AWESOME Autosport Entertainment!
Next Meeting(s)

 Saturday 25 May  TBC  Kings Lynn

 Monday 27 May  TBC  Belle Vue

 Saturday 01 June  TBC  Northampton

 Saturday 08 June  TBC  Birmingham

 Sunday 09 June  TBC  Buxton

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Points Charts

Following recent meetings, various BriSCA F1 points charts have been updated.

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Official Results May 2019

The latest official results for May 2019 have been published.

Official Results April 2019

The latest official results for April 2019 have been published.

Official Results March 2019

The latest official results for March 2019 have been published.

Belle Vue Fighting Back

Tomorrow (Wednesday 9th January) Granada TV are scheduled to do a news piece at Belle Vue raising the profile of the campaign to save the stadium.

Official Results October 2018

The latest official results for October 2018 have been published.

BMB Enquiry Tom Harris

On Thursday 18th October, the BMB held a teleconference to discuss a protest accepted by the Steward with regards Tom Harris disqualification at Skegness on Saturday 13th October from the meeting final for failing to have the car weighed.

Latest Winners

18 May Northampton - 84 Tom Harris

 Last Updated: 20/05/2019 13:15

Latest Points Charts
2019 World Championship

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2019 Grading Points

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2019 Grand National Championship

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2019 Novice of the Year

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Driver of The Month

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2019 BOSS Track Championship

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